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Soakage Testing

Professional Soakage Testing by Experienced Engineers.

Soakage Testing / Percolation.

We test sites where a soakaway is intended to be used.

We can determine the rate which the ground absorbs the water and to what volume. Our results show is the ground is suitable for a soakaway. BRE365 Standard.


Full calculation of infiltration rate. Detailed geographical logs which meet the BRE365 standard. Easy to undertand 

All Terrains Testing

Whether its block paving, grass, tarmac or even concrete, we can provide a thorough assessment and even make good of the area

Fully Equipped

We are fully equipped with excavators to handheld equipment to be able to test the area and rate at which water soaks away.

Soakage Testing
What does our Soakaway Tests Involve?

When it comes to soakaway testing, we are the experts. Utilizing our own equipment, we dig the holes required for testing, carry out our tests to BRE365 standards and provide a full, easy to understand, detailed report.

We also provide infiltration testing options which will determine the rate of which your soil/geology is infiltrated. This will aid in the proposal of a soakaway and if other options could be used. These tests are also to BRE365 standard.

We also undertake soakaway testing for SuDS or micro drainage design.

Our reports are thorough meaning that you will be able to submit them to Local Authorities Planners to discharge a condition.

  • Standpipe license
  • Digger and excavator driver provided fully qualified. 
  • All size buckets and breaker attachments. 
  • Soakage testing with and without gravel. 
  • Gravel and pipe dip meter all provided. 
  • Fast turnaround with the results. 
Soakage testing with Gravel
Soakage testing without Gravel


Our Soakaway Tests in Action:

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