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We specialise in core drilling to cut into materials that are near on impossible to drill through or too risky with regular drills. We utilize cutting edge diamond tipped tools 
Diamond Core Drilling

Our unique process using a diamond rotary drilling method including powered motors, hydraulics and air driven systems to effectively cut from 10mm right up to 1200m 


Not only do we provide water and dust control but due to the diamond tips we can effectively cut through a variety of materials including concrete, masonry and block work

Cut through the Impossible

We can precisely drill specifically measured holes into any materials that would normally be impossible to cut through. Including rock, wood, metal, mass concrete and more with no structural damage

Clean Cuts Of Any Size

The accuracy, shape of the drill bit and the tool itself means we can get a clean cut to over a metre with no mess and no damage to nearby building materials unlike pnuematics which may crack concrete

Diamond Drilling company
  • Diamond drilling for slab thickness verification and compression testing. 
  • All sizes and depths
  • Coring for all kinds of drilling rigs 
  • Coring for hand pitting 
  • Horizontal coring
  • Stitch coring available
  • Cut down Cable percussion drilling rig coring in basements. 
  • Hilti equipment. 
  • Working up scaffolding and harnesses. 
  • Working in and around water. 
  • All self-sufficient
  • All qualified

Our Diamond Cutting Work:

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