Thameside Groundworks

Plate Bearing

and in-situ CBR Testing

Plate Bearing BS1377:1990 Tests

Our plate bearing tests establish the capactiy and strength and deformation parameters of the soil beneath the plate. 
Plate Bearing

Our tests help you establish the requirements and measurements of the soil beneath for any proposed project

On Site Tests

Strength Tests, Vertical Deformation, CBR Plate bearing, Density, TRL testing and Hand dug pit trials

InSitu CBR Tests

We can estimate pavement thickness based on the CBR value test on the soil being used. Our tests are compliant to BS1377:1990 part 9.4.3


The DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) is used in the in situ strength of existing pavement constructure 

Our Plate Bearing & CBR Testing:

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