Thameside Groundworks

Hand Pitting & Foundation Trial Pits

We provide our own water tanks and trailer bowser for any requirement

Trial Pitting

Our trial pits which are hand excavated help determine the lateral and vertical extent of any foundation. We place the pit externally next to the building. The pits can also help locate services such as electrician and gas before boreholes are drilled
Larger trial pits can provide an economical way to investigate a site and assess samples and logs to determine ground conditions and contamination. Our hand pitting and foundation trial pits adhere to the latest health and safety requirements and careful consideration when undertaking the investigations.
Trial Pits offer you a quick and lower cost method to assess any ground conditions prior to foundation designs soakaways or if needed, contamination analysis.
Hand dug trial pits are used to a max depth of 1.20m which is ideal for smaller site investigations. This is normally for the method of obtaining surface soil samples, locating services or exposing foundations.
If required, we can also provide machine excavated trial pits 

Hand Pitting & Foundation Trial Pits

Hand Pitting & Foundation Trial Pit