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Diamond Tipped Core Drilling 

Diamond Core Drilling and Rigs.

Specialising in handheld and rig based core drilling for any sized project. Coring in concrete and masonry, wet and dry.
Core Drilling

Our process of core drilling uses a rotary drill with a specialist diamond drill bit to cut precisely measured holes for whatever your required project.


When it comes to diamond core drilling, we are the experts. Diamond, being the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, helps us cut out the impossible

Drilling out all materials

Our tools and rigs enable us to pretty much drill through any material including concrete, glass, large openings for ducts and smaller holes for pipework or wiring.

Rigs and Equipment

We come completely self sufficient. We have all the tools, plant, machinery, qualifications, skills and experience to complete any sized project.

Choose Thameside Groundworks for any Core Drilling requirement. Our team can provide a precise, high quality, specialist service to give you a cost effective, efficient and timely core drilling service as and when you require it.

if you are after a reliable, experienced, qualified and skilled team to provide you with a diamond core drilling service, contact Thameside Groundworks. Speak to our specialists today on 07860544600

Our operatives are trained, 100% committed to current health and safety requirements and are respectful of any environment they are working within.


Our Core Drilling:

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